What Does Your “About Us” Page Really Say About Your Brand?


What Does Your "About Us" Page Really Say About Your Brand? - Eric Sachs SEO

Visit any website and you’re bound to find an “About” or “About Us” page. I don’t know about you, but I love reading this particular piece of content. It gives me a great sense of where a company came from, how it was conceived or inspired, and what the overall mission is.

…Except, of course, when it doesn’t.

Some “About” pages are hastily put together; you can tell the business owner or web developer thought it was the least important element of the site.

That’s definitely not the case – and I want to help you understand why.

Why The “About Us” Page is Important

Generally speaking, you have quite a bit of control over the first impression your visitors get when they land on your website. Unless they landed on your page from a Google search, they’ll likely end up on a landing page or even on a shop page. Beyond that, you have no control over where you visitors go next. Your job is to make sure every page is filled with compelling content.

That said, visitors who go to your “About Us” page are looking for something more. These people are looking for details. They aren’t willing to give their money to just anyone. This is the type of shopper who wants to know the story behind the company, or who wants to better understand a brand’s values, before they spend their dollars. What are they going to see when they land on the page they’re looking for?

The core elements of the “About Us” page need to answer these six common questions (hint: you learned about them in school):

  • Who – Who are the main faces behind the brand? What’s your experience?
  • What – What are you doing?
  • When – When did the brand launch? What’s your history?
  • Where – Where are you located? Where can people buy your offerings?
  • Why – Why should a customer choose you? What sets you apart?
  • How – How do you do what you do? How will you deliver the end product?

Throw in some great visuals, like a short video and some colorful photos, and you’ll be cooking with fire. Anyone who visits your “About Us” page is genuinely interested in your brand. Consider this page an important part of your relationship building efforts.

How to Improve Your “About Us” Page

Now that you know how important your “About Us” page really is, it’s time to take a closer look at what you currently have on your website. This page needs to be informative, establish credibility, and let people know you’re trustworthy.

So how can you make yours better?

Introduce Yourself

If someone were to introduce you at a party, what would they call you? Introduce the people behind the brand — first and last name. Pseudonyms are fine here; plenty of people use them and some businesses models demand more privacy than others. Just don’t leave people wondering who the mystery people are behind the brand.

Establish Your Voice

This isn’t exactly the page where you want to place a piece of tight-knit, SEO-friendly copy. Let your personal voice shine through in the writing.

Don’t get all corporate on your reader! Use humor, if appropriate. Let people get to know you a little bit.

Publish a Photo

This is optional (sort of). Choosing to post a photo of yourself (or you and your co-founders) is great, but I do understand that some people get more than their fair share of personal critique when they share stuff like that on the internet. Use discretion and make the decision that feels best, but don’t be too hard on yourself over it.

People love being able to match a face with a name. If a personal photo doesn’t work, use a real photo of your office building, workspace, or products. No matter what, do your best to avoid stock images on this particular page.

Talk About Your Why

You hear this often – especially online. People want to know what motivates you, whether it’s your family, a charitable cause, or something else. Your why appeals to people’s emotions and adds to the human element of your company.

Incorporate Social Proof

Yes, you can (and should) showcase your awards, positive reviews, and even media mentions. Allowing the public to see these things isn’t bragging. Social proof shows people you have a great reputation and helps build trust. You can certainly have a separate page for awards, but at least some should appear on the “About Us” page. Link from here to the full page if you’d like to showcase more.

Don’t Forget Your Customer

They’re what this is all about, right?

Let your potential customers know what you can do for them. Make sure your “About Us” page gives them a bird’s-eye view of your capabilities. What can you do for them? How will you make their lives easier? Do you have statistics that can backup your claims? Offer specific, measurable, statistics that prove what you can accomplish on behalf of your customers.

Don’t Be Too Modest

In other words, get over your hesitation to talk about yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments and what you’ve done with your business. The more fun you have talking about yourself, the more relatable your description of your business will be. Your personality will shine through.

They key to an amazing “About Us” page is to remember your inquisitive visitor. They aren’t on this particular page because you forced them there (or at least I hope you’re not). They’re on this page because they have chosen to learn more about you, your history, and your amazing story. Leave the fluff out, but don’t get too self-absorbed. Don’t throw up a simple paragraph or worry about making this page sound super professional and “corporate.” Give your potential customers a glimpse into the soul of your business. They’ll appreciate your honesty and transparency, and you’re almost guaranteed a new fan!

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