The Google Discovery Feed and Advertising

Word on the street is that the Google Discovery feed will become its new advertising cash flow in 2020.  It hasn’t attracted much attention since its beta launch last year, but Google is certainly excited about it. In 2020, it is expected that ads in the personalized mobile news feed will reach 800,000 users. The […]

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Google Explains How to Use Headings for SEO

Headings help readers who scan through to know what to expect when reading an article. Headings also play a heavy role in SEO presence, but not necessarily for the reason you may think. Google uses H1, H2, and other HTML headings in a specific way for displaying articles in searches on its platform. When Google […]

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January 2020 Google Core Update

On January 13th, 2020, Google announced that its first core update of the year would be rolling out that day. It’s important to remember that as with any other core update, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the pages that drop in rankings after week or update. They are just being reassessed against content that has […]

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Using Schema to Create Google Actions

Recently, Google announced that publishers can now create Google Actions from web content with schema markup. Google Actions are a great way for brands to get more mileage out of their SEO strategy while offering another chance to reach searchers organically. Optimizing your website for newer SEO features such as Google Actions and Rich Results […]

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Annotations to Add Context to Google Analytics - Eric Sachs SEO

Annotations to Add Context to Google Analytics

Taking a periodic look at data inside Google Analytics is vital to understanding how well you are meeting your goals and objectives. However, as you look at the data, it can be challenging to remember exactly what was going on on certain days. You may see a spike in traffic related to a specific campaign, […]

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New Snippet Settings Make Controlling Listings Easier - Eric Sachs SEO

New Snippet Settings Make Controlling Listings Easier

Google has added new snippet settings that allow webmasters to control how Google search displays their listings. The settings work either through a set of robots meta tags or an HTML attribute. New Meta Tags to Settings Snippets “Nosnippet” –  This old option has not changed. It allows webmasters to specify that they do not […]

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Google Quality Raters Guidelines Updated - Eric Sachs SEO

Google Quality Raters Guidelines Updated

Google recently published new Quality Raters Guidelines. Within it you’ll find significant changes to the “Quality Raters Guidelines” section and additional new areas of focus. In this blog post, we’ll track the changes and how they may influence search engine optimization trends. Something that’s important to notice that many people use these guidelines for tips […]

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How to Survive Algorithm Changes, Straight from Google - Eric Sachs SEO

How to Survive Algorithm Changes – Straight from Google

In case you aren’t aware, Google makes changes to its algorithm on a regular basis. In fact, in just one year’s time, Google recently made 3,200 changes to its search algorithm. People often sweat the major announcements regarding algorithm changes, such as the August 2019 one about Google core updates. However, there’s really no need […]

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No More Support for Robots.txt Noindex - Eric Sachs SEO

No More Support for Robots.txt Noindex

Google has officially announced that GoogleBot will no longer obey robots.txt directives related to indexing. If you are a publisher relying on robots.txt and no index directives, you have until September 1st 2019 to remove it and start using an alternative. Why the Change? Google will no longer support the directive because it’s not an […]

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