Schema Markup Guide - Eric Sachs SEO

Schema Markup Guide

Schema is a type of structured data. Structured data is information presented in a universally understood format. In terms of websites, this means search engine bots are able to tell what a page is about and what elements it contains with greater ease. In return, searchers get more useful results, creating a better user experience. […]

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How to Reach the Entrepreneur Community - Eric Sachs SEO

How to Reach the Entrepreneur Community

The entrepreneur community is massive. With the world moving ever-closer to the “gig economy,” more people than ever are choosing to make the jump into self-employment and self-run businesses. That network can be a significant source of support and value – but only if you reach them the right way. As entrepreneurs, we all know […]

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What is Broken Link Building? - Eric Sachs SEO

What is Broken Link Building?

Link building is an important part of SEO, since Google and other search engines look at the number of domains linking to your website. Broken link building is one of many link building tactics. Though it sounds like it could be a little black hat based on the name, it is actually an effective white […]

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